In the information age where telecommunications (telco) infrastructure is both far reaching and high dependency; Zinfra actively extends networks and reduces telco risk.


Many of the skills and systems we deploy to deliver for our power, gas and water clients are also applicable to our telco clients across the network design, construction and maintenance spectrum – be it underground, overhead or wireless.  Our network development clients in the telco industry include Optus and Vodafone.

In the design space we have an emerging capability supported by an intimate knowledge of national, physical infrastructure including poles, wires, pipes and pits. 

Effective telco design needs to harness a suite of GIS solutions and this is where Zinfra has particular expertise.  Our experience in the Victorian smart meter roll out demonstrates our ability to harness technology and roll it out over a domestic and commercial client base.  We also partner with major design houses to ensure the technical aspects of network design represent best practice and are logistically efficient to implement.

We operate in, on and above the ground.  In broadband, for example, our services include:

  • Communications infrastructure design and route selection
  • Design of pit and pipe infrastructure
  • Civil works to prepare the site including remediation of existing infrastructure
  • Civil infrastructure at the streetscape level.  This includes multiple conduit banks, cast in situ as well as precast pits. We specialise in low impact pit and pipe systems, internal building work, open cut and directional drilling
  • Installation of conduits, including:
    • Distribution and local network conduits
    • Lateral conduits
    • Conduit bends and joints
    • Conduit testing and sealing
  • Fibre optic cable installations:
    • Underground
    • Overhead stringing (where our power line safety skills come to the fore)
    • Testing, commissioning and hand over
  • Connection to end users (often in conjunction with an installation specialist.)


We support these services with a select base of critical skills including:

  • Safety of all parties including:
    • The general public through staff accreditation, traffic management and effective customer contact processes
    • Our workforce who perform hazardous tasks in uncomfortable and very public environments
  • Project Management
  • IT systems to support critical project outcomes – this includes integrated scheduling technology, field mobility devices and effective knowledge management with our clients, contractors and suppliers through integrated Work Order Management tools.


A select service offering drawn from this end-to-end telco capability is our capacity to provide a suite of infrastructure for the developers of new, greenfield estates – both residential and commercial.  Our services include:

  • Planning Advisory
  • Project Management
  • Broadband infrastructure design and support services
  • Construction and implementation of all required resources in a single trench network including:
    • Gas
    • Power
    • Water
    • Waste Water
    • Fibre

Zinfra and our predecessor companies have engaged with NBN Co as a Tier One provider in all states and territories for the Passive Fibre Network rollout commencing in 2010.  We are accredited to build telco networks as both a prime contractor and also engage with other contractors as a specialist supplier.