About Us


At Zinfra one of our key roles is to manage risk on behalf of our clients. We have no appetite for risks to health, safety, quality, and the environment. We investigate and apply controls, so far as is reasonably practicable, and our employees understand their role in managing these crucial risks. 

By following the principles set out in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018, we have a proactive and structured approach to risk management. This standard demands a holistic view of business risk, including strategic, operational and project risks, as well as opportunities.

A Project Risk and Opportunity Management system is incorporated into every stage of our projects’ lifecycle, and our project managers are equipped to control risks, and to enable project opportunities. Additionally, to protect our clients as well as our own business, we rehearse regularly, emergency, crisis and business continuity plans. As a last resort, Zinfra invests in extensive insurance coverage to protect the interests of our shareholders and insures we can always deliver to our clients expectations, no matter what eventuates.

Effective risk management is fundamental to ensuring the success of our clients’ projects as well as the overall success of our business.