Water: Rosehill Recycle Water Project

Client: AquaNet Sydney Pty Limited
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

The Rosehill Recycled Water Project is an innovative project designed to supply more than 7 billion litres per annum to industrial and commercial water users in or adjacent to the industrial centres of Smithfield and Rosehill/Camellia in Western Sydney.

Zinfra constructed the Rosehill Recycled Water Project that will initially supply 4.3 billion litres of recycled water to seven major industrial foundation customers. This is enough water to fill nearly five Olympic swimming pools every day!

The project is a $100m private sector investment in water infrastructure and is the first to be delivered in accordance with the NSW Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (WICA).

This investment forms part of the NSW Government target of 70 billion litres of recycled water a year by 2015, aimed at securing future water supplies in a city faced with the challenges of a growing population, climate change and increasingly variable rainfall.

The 20km scheme will transport the recycled water to the industrial centres of Smithfield and Rosehill/Camellia.

The 20 million litre per day recycled water treatment plant in Fairfield will use ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to produce high quality recycled water to suit large industrial users. The plant will be built, owned and operated by Veolia Water Australia.

The design also provides for the future expansion of an additional three billion litres per year to customers in Westmead.