Safety & Quality


Zinfra applies an environmental management framework to the design, construction and commissioning phases of our service delivery, as well as to our business operations and facilities.

The framework provides a corporate and operational structure, and specific actions which allow us to meet environmental objectives and targets, and reduce our environmental impact.

Our environmental and sustainability strategy includes the following:

  • Embedding sustainability principles into design, construction and operations across the whole project lifecycle or where the project scope allows 
  • Benchmarking sustainability performance against the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme 
  • Providing a consistent and uniform approach that assures the required standards of environmental protection are attained and maintained across all levels of the business 
  • Complying with all relevant Commonwealth and State Environmental Legislation and Regulations 
  • Defining the methodology for environmental assessment and risk control 
  • Establishing specific controls required for environmental management systems 
  • Outlining actions to be carried out by employees on site, ensuring acceptable environmental protection standards are maintained 
  • Providing clients, stakeholders and regulators with verification the required environmental protection standards are being achieved.

We are committed to lowering our carbon footprint through innovation and identifying opportunities to work with internal and external stakeholders to achieve this aim.