Zinfra has deep experience in managing complex projects in the energy sector.  We have the expertise and insight to deliver fully integrated solutions to account for every stage of the asset lifecycle.  Our proven systems, processes and work structures cross all disciplines and support our experienced employees who are passionate about the creation and delivery of quality outcomes.

We provide expert services to electricity asset owners and operators leveraging off our decades of experience operating and maintaining large scale power distribution and transmission networks.

Specialised Services

  • Operations and maintenance
  • Construction
  • HV services including:
    • Electrical HV construction (primary and secondary)
    • Electrical HV testing (primary and secondary)
    • Electrical HV maintenance (primary and secondary)
  • Project Management
  • Engineering, drafting and design
  • Civil works & foundations including:
    • Laying and bedding
    • Trench protection and shoring
  • Commissioning/decommissioning
  • SCADA systems, design, installation and maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency fault response and control centres
  • Greenfield and brownfield environments
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Traffic management.


Distribution Capabilities

Zinfra provides a comprehensive overhead and underground distribution network capability.  Our current capability includes:

  • Overhead construction
    • Glove & barrier services (live line)
    • Construction under shutdown conditions
    • Substation installation
  • Line work and electrical fitting work
  • Underground construction
    • Hauling and installing cables
    • Testing of cables
    • Jointing and technical services
    • Installation of Public Lighting
    • Detailing and “as builds”
    • Kiosk installation and earthing
  • Electrical inspection
  • Auditing
  • Jointing and technical services
  • New estates, AS3000 projects and underground services
  • Asset relocations
  • SCADA and communication systems
  • Distribution substations
  • Bushfire Mitigation Programs
  • HV & LV network operations
  • Pole Top maintenance.


Transmission Capabilities

Zinfra has expertise in the procurement and construction of transmission lines up to 500kV. Our transmission lines group combines technically trained specialists whose core capability involves managing and delivering civil and large transmission line construction projects across Australia and maintaining and operating them.

Along with our pool of specialist management, field resources and our broad capability, we have the capacity to deliver multiple construction projects through the deployment of specialised plant and stringing equipment.

Our transmission capabilities include:

  • Transmission construction and maintenance from 66kV to 500kV
  • Access and vegetation services
  • Civil works and foundations
  • Line survey and design verification
  • Bare hand and Hot Stick -  live line capability
  • Stringing conductor, ground wire and OPGW
  • Pole and tower structure assembly and erection
  • Tension stringing
  • HV network operations
  • Emergency Mast erection
  • Antennae rigging
  • Bushfire Mitigation Programs


Substation Capabilities

Zinfra is a leading service provider in the zone and terminal substation station market.  We have extensive experience in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of substations. Our expertise includes project managing large, complex projects. We deliver this full range of services in both brownfield and greenfield environments where we meet our client’s requirements in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner.  Our substation capabilities include:

  • HV & LV operating
  • Primary and secondary equipment testing and commissioning
  • Live substation services
  • Switch Gear installation/upgrade
  • Substation construction and maintenance
  • Terminal stations up to 500kV
  • Switchyard construction and installation of primary and secondary equipment
  • Engineering, design and construct substations – greenfield and brownfield
  • Transformer installation or replacement
  • 24/7 emergency fault response and control centres
  • SCADA & Communication Systems