Delivering greenfield and brownfield services across the water cycle, Zinfra is working hard to build the reputation of our clients.

Our breadth of capability in the water industry is what sets us apart. We deliver end-to-end services including design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of water and wastewater projects.  

Zinfra WaterAs a leading provider of services across the water, gas, power and telco sectors, we offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary range of skills to the water industry including civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control. Together with our related parties we have delivered operational contracts associated with both treatment plants and water networks.

Our clients benefit from the flexibility of resource management we bring to the table. Depending on the project, the location and available resources, Zinfra can determine the most cost-effective and beneficial mix of self-performance, partnership, joint venture or sub-contractor management, to meet client needs.

Our experience spans the water and wastewater process, on large scale plants and smaller projects, and includes:

  • Water treatment plants (WTP), wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and water recycling plants (WRP)
    • Chemical dosing upgrades for performance, capacity or OH&S requirements
    • Sludge handling and dewatering
    • Filter upgrades
    • OH&S regulations
    • Clarifier refurbishment
    • Sludge digestion
    • Electrical upgrades including high voltage and strong enabling capability for renewable energy trends/carbon neutrality initiatives
  • Water and sewage pump stations
  • Concrete and steel storage reservoirs
  • Water and wastewater delivery and distribution networks, including gravity and pressure mains
  • Associated services including civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control
  • Bulk water transfer pipelines
  • Distribution networks (sewer collection and water distribution)
  • Sewage collection (gravity and pressure mains)
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Rehabilitation/protective coatings  

Our clients – including Seqwater, Unity Water, Sydney Water, South East Water, TasWater, Icon Water and Yarra Valley Water – value our extensive experience and the passion, commitment and consistency of our work force, resulting in successful projects and relationships that are effortless to manage. 


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Zinfra is a proud member of the Australian Water Association.



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