Asset Operations

Zinfra operates client assets on utility networks including gas, power and water. This includes the operation of support infrastructure including plant, equipment, distribution assets and facilities.

Zinfra’s heritage as a network owner/operator readily puts us in our client’s shoes. We provide operational and management strategies to assist our clients minimise costly down time and optimise return on assets.

The demand for maximum asset operational availability and its associated complexity requires the design, asset implementation and the functional need of assets to be operated to their highest standard, safely and minimise disruption for our clients and their customers. Zinfra takes full operational responsibility that includes planning, designing, testing, programming, managing and delivering services, supported by our highly experienced teams of industry professionals to deliver ‘whole-of-asset’ (WoL) management and operations responsibility. Ongoing monitoring and operations of assets, via systems such as our enhance SAP suite, are an essential requirement to ensure maximum efficiency and reliable performance. This is supported by integrated processes to control the critical points in operational delivery.

Zinfra experience also covers the management of operations/control centres and the management of critical incident response which is vital after storms, floods, fires and other disruptions.

We work alongside our clients and utilise best practice systems and procedures to deliver value driven operational services that focus on our clients operational needs.

Zinfra, Operations and Maintenance