Whistleblower Policy

Commitment to Good Corporate Governance and Ethical Behaviour

As part of the SGSPAA, Zinfra is committed to a culture of corporate compliance, good corporate governance and ethical behaviour, and to encouraging the reporting of unlawful or unethical behaviour by protecting those who wish to raise concerns about actual, suspected or anticipated wrongdoing within SGSPAA, from detriment.

This culture is underpinned by the exercise of the Company’s values, by our personnel and in the Company’s dealings. This includes delivering to our commitments for legal, ethical and respectful behaviour.

Whistleblower protections are designed to encourage the reporting of unlawful or unethical behaviour and to actively promote ethical behaviour.

The objective of SGSPAA’s Whistleblower program, is to allow for concerns about Reportable Conduct to be raised with confidence (Notification).

Refer to our Whistleblower Policy for further details.